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Everything You Need to Know About Earlobe Repair Parcells Plastic Surgery

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If you are considering getting your earlobes repaired, you probably have a lot of questions. At Parcells Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help you find the answers you need to feel informed and comfortable about your options.

Here is everything you need to know about changing the shape of your earlobes to correct aesthetic concerns based on genetics, stretching, or injury.

What are the common reasons for earlobe repair?

Several main culprits cause the majority of earlobe repair cases. Maybe your piercings were too low on your lobes. Or, you were wearing too heavy earrings too frequently, and the holes stretched. Maybe you used gauges when you were younger and now want to go back to your original shape and size.

Then, there’s the tearing. All it takes sometimes is a small child pulling on that dangling earring or the earring getting caught in your clothing.

While there are many external causes for earlobe repair, there are also many people who just don’t like the way their earlobes fit their faces. You may simply be dissatisfied with earlobes that seem too big.

In each of these cases, earlobe repair at Pacells Plastic Surgery can get you the look you want.

Ok, say I get earlobe repair. What happens first?

At Parcells Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, earlobe repair is done with a focus on achieving the most natural results possible. We first meet with you to discuss what you hope to accomplish with your earlobe repair. Dr. Parcells then determines how much repair is needed and the process that will deliver the best results. This first consultation is done in one of our comfortable offices in Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Parcells will explain the process and length of time for the procedure.

What should I expect during the actual surgery?

First, you will be given a local anesthetic. Fixing a hole that has stretched but not torn to the lobe bottom takes only a few minutes and involves stitching the hole together. If the lobe is torn, Dr. Parcells removes the damaged skin around the tear. She then sutures the skin and the tissue between the inner and outer layers. Healing of this step may be necessary before the final repair can be made, but once the site is healed, Dr. Parcells will reconnect the edges. Sometimes this takes a bit of ingenuity to produce a natural appearance.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Parcells has the experience, training, and creative ability to return your ear lobes to their original, or if desired, more improved appearance.

Usually, ear lobe repair takes very little time and is relatively simple. If there is more severe damage or if large gauge holes need reconstruction, the process may take a little longer.

What happens after the surgery?

Each situation is different depending on how extensive the surgery was, and Dr. Parcells will discuss your aftercare and next steps during your consultation. Generally, you can expect to return to the office about a week after the final repair to have the stitches removed. Your ear lobes may be a little bruised and red, but this will fade quickly. You will need to apply an antibiotic cream on the incisions to prevent any infection.

There is usually very little pain, but if you do experience some, Dr. Parcells will suggest or prescribe pain medication if needed.

You should be able to resume your daily activities by the following day. However, some patients need a few more days to recover. It depends on how extensive the repair is.

Does insurance cover earlobe repair?

If your tear is due to an accident or years of damage, insurance may cover the repair. Some carriers, however, consider repair to be cosmetic. Our patient care coordinator, Rachael, will help you determine how to arrange payment.

Can I get my ears pierced again?

If you want to have your earlobes pierced again after you have healed from the repair, let Dr. Parcells know. In most cases, re-piercing is not a problem. You will want to wait one or two months and be careful not to use the same spot where your original piercing was. The presence of scar tissue can cause problems.

What happens if my earlobe tears again?

Dr. Parcells can perform an additional earlobe repair if necessary. To reduce the likelihood of needing the procedure again, be sure not to use the same location for any new piercings.

Got some good earlobe trivia?

Of course!

Did you know that the ear lobes are one of the few places in the body with no cartilage? Your ear’s structure is built on cartilage, but the lobes are fleshy and filled with blood and nerve endings.

There appears to be no significant biological function for ear lobes, although the blood supply may help to keep the ears warm.

The size and shape seem to be determined by your genes. There are two basic types – attached and unattached. Some ear lobes have a crease, which is thought to indicate certain diseases or genetic conditions.

As we age, our earlobes may start to droop, just like other parts of our anatomy. Dr. Parcells can also correct drooping earlobes through earlobe repair.

What is my first step to repairing my earlobes?

For earlobe repair in New Jersey, schedule your consultation with Dr. Parcells. She is board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Her friendly, approachable manner will make it easy for you to ask questions and feel assured that the repair will result in natural, healthy earlobes.

Parcells Plastic Surgery offers the most advanced surgical and cosmetic medical spa treatments to women in New Jersey.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexis Parcells is here to educate and empower you to celebrate your natural beauty.

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