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How to Know if Labiaplasty is Right for You Parcells Plastic Surgery

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While most women do not discuss how their labias look, that doesn't mean this is not a significant concern for many. Although it may seem taboo, it's actually more common than you might think when it comes to dissatisfaction or embarrassment regarding this particular area of the body.

What are the labia? Those are the visible parts of the vagina, the inner and the outer skin folds. Sometimes, women have extra folds in the inner labia, outer labia, or pubis mons which can cause the tissue to protrude outwards. Believe it or not, their appearance can cause great concern and unhappiness in someone uncomfortable with how this intimate area looks, causing a considerable lack of self-confidence. Additionally, this may cause frequent UTIs, difficulty exercising, and swelling in the area.

This is where labiaplasty comes in. Simply put, labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure. That is, it changes the looks of the labia, not the function. This level of change to the labia does require an incision and a scar, which can seem daunting when you consider the delicate tissues at hand. You may be asking yourself - should I get labiaplasty? The truth is, this procedure is not for everyone, New Jersey plastic surgeon Alexis Parcells dives into some common reasons for this treatment option and see if it's the best option for you.

Reasons for Labiaplasty

Many women who choose to undergo this procedure are motivated by the appearance of their labia. Confidence in how your vagina looks can affect intimacy. After all, women spend countless hours shaving, waxing, and trimming this area. How detrimental to your mentality might it be to have one part down there that you just cannot alter into something that pleases you?

Yes, labiaplasty is most definitely about making you feel better about your vaginal area. However, the thing to understand is that this surgery is often not just about making the labia more symmetrical but also about easing physical discomfort due to excess tissue in this area. Women who undergo this procedure often have distended skin that can cause problems during intimacy or even while just going for a run. The intimacy problems and discomfort come from extra labial tissue that sticks out farther than the rest of your labia. As a result, there's greater friction on this sensitive skin, such as pinching coming from clothing. It's common for women who have this issue to also experience problems riding a bike, wearing swimming suits, or even just a cute pair of jeans.

And yes - yes! Reshaping your labia can make sex more enjoyable again. That extra skin down there can cause you to experience pain during intercourse simply because it can get in the way, and friction can irritate these sensitive tissues. Equally important, this extra tissue can actually make it harder to stimulate nerves in that area, decreasing overall enjoyment.

Of course, there are also medical problems that can arise from excess labial tissue. These medical issues usually relate to getting lots of infections in the vaginal area due to more bacteria getting caught in the extra fold(s). The vagina is a delicate ecosystem that has to balance on the correct PH to remain healthy. Removing the excess tissue can combat frequent infection by reducing the foothold bacteria can gain in this area.

Speaking of delicate ecosystems, you might want to have labiaplasty just to make your hygiene routine more uncomplicated and more effective. This is a common reason for many female athletes who engage in extreme physical activity for a living. In this case, excessive sweat can build up in the extra folds and make it harder to completely clean this area, which is why labia tissue removal is such a strong option for many women.

Why Do I Have Excess Tissue?

It's normal to wonder why your labia looks “different” and if there's something more wrong with you, but that's simply not true. Labia come in all shapes and sizes, just like women. Genetics, childbirth, or even changes in your weight can all affect how your labia look. So just know there are no perfectly symmetrical labia and nothing wrong with yours - or wanting to make changes to it.

Making the Choice

While it's not easy talking about issues you may have with your vaginal area - especially if you're unhappy with how it looks - it is important to take steps to correct problems that you find. Excess labia can cause discomfort from friction, affecting your ability to be intimate, cause medical issues, or simply wear away at your peace of mind. Whatever reason you have, it is valid to consider labiaplasty. Every woman is unique, and every woman deserves to be satisfied with her lady parts.

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