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Out-of-Town Labiaplasty Patient Guide Parcells Plastic Surgery in New York + New Jersey

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“This was the first time I’ve ever gotten plastic surgery, or any surgery for that matter and I’m so glad I went to Dr. Parcells. The girls in the office are wonderful and the whole experience was great. Dr. Parcells walked me through what to expect and addressed any concerns that I had. She continued to check in on me after surgery and made sure I was healing well and was always available if I had any questions.”

-- C.A., Google

Board-certified plastic surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Alexis Parcells has treated hundreds of labiaplasty patients from across the globe who demand world-class care in a respectful and private setting. As a female Plastic Surgeon, she understands our concerns and is passionate about using her time and talents to restore a woman’s confidence.

As the founder of Parcells Plastic Surgery, Dr. Parcells has offices in New York City, New Jersey, and one opening in Florida in the near future. She aims to make the process of receiving an out-of-town labiaplasty as safe, convenient, and comfortable as possible. This procedure is performed using only local numbing medicine - no general anesthesia required!

There are some important factors to keep in mind when considering travel for labiaplasty. This page contains helpful information to easily coordinate the logistics of your trip and understand what to expect before and after surgery.

Nearest Airports

Parcells Plastic Surgery is the destination of choice for women seeking out-of-town labiaplasty in New Jersey and New York City. The office is close to major airports such as:

Flight Logistics: When is it safe to fly?

Labiaplasty patients should plan to stay in or near our New York City or New Jersey offices for at least two days postoperatively. That way, Dr. Parcells can provide care in the rare event an emergent medical issue arises.

Lodging & Accommodations

Tucked away in quaint, serene Monmouth County, you will find a wide array of resorts and hotel accommodations where you can relax in peace and privacy as you recover from labiaplasty.

Parcells Plastic Surgery recommends the following lodging options to consider during your stay in New Jersey:

For our Manhattan patients, enjoy these following options adjacent to our NoMad location:

Labiaplasty Consultation

Virtual Consultations

To minimize your out-of-town travel costs, Parcells Plastic Surgery offers virtual consultations and virtual pre-operative appointments through a secure, HIPPA-protected communication portal. You may upload a photograph depicting your are of concern via the secure online portal. This will allow Dr. Parcells to address your concerns and determine if you are a good candidate for labiaplasty.

Assuming you are a candidate, she will provide a full explanation of what to expect before and during your surgery, along with details regarding aftercare protocol, logistics, and costs.

Patient Resources

You will also have access to resources to help you decide whether you want to move forward with the procedure. You can view before-and-after photos, or Dr. Parcells' staff would be happy to connect you with another patient who can share their experience.

Preparing for Labiaplasty Surgery

Two to three weeks before your surgery, Dr. Parcells will go over your surgical plan with you and provide pre-and-post-operative instructions. She will call in any prescriptions to your pharmacy and ask you to sign an electronic consent form.

Your Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty surgery takes approximately one hour to perform.

No general anesthesia is required for a labiaplasty; Dr. Parcells utilizes local anesthesia so you can leave the office afterward without feeling groggy. In most cases, she performs a wedge excision technique to remove the redundant tissue. To close the incision, Dr. Parcells uses dissolvable sutures to camouflage the resulting scars once they have healed.

New Jersey Labiaplasty Illustration

Your Labiaplasty Recovery and Aftercare

Out-of-town patients should plan to stay in the area for two days before returning home. Since the surgery takes place under local anesthesia, you can leave the office after your procedure as soon as you feel ready.

The next day, you will have your first post-operative visit. This may be done in-person or virtually. You will have the option of coming into the office or you may attend virtually. The sutures are absorbable and do not require removal in the office.

Any swelling should resolve in approximately two weeks. Most of Dr. Parcells' patients return to their normal activities at two weeks post-op. You may engage in exercise four weeks after your surgery and resume sexual activity at six weeks post-op.

Aftercare Tips

  • Eat well
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do not overexert yourself
  • Avoid alcohol and nicotine
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • Bring a travel companion with you
  • Follow all pre-and-post-operative instructions
  • Wear compression socks if you have a long flight or drive home
  • Notify your surgeon immediately if you have a medical complication post-surgery

Your Travel Companion

During your labiaplasty recovery, you can be active and enjoy your visit, but remember to take it easy. While not required, bringing a loved one along is recommended to facilitate an easier recovery. You should avoid physically demanding activities, take breaks to rest, and ask for assistance from your companion as needed. Should you have an emerging medical issue or concern, you or your travel partner may reach out to Dr. Parcells’ office for assistance at any time.

Private Nurse Available

Some patients feel most comfortable in the care of a private, post-operative nurse. Certified private duty nurses are available to you starting in the recovery area and will stay with you at your hotel or at the hospital, should you require observation during your recovery time.

We would be happy to arrange for a private nurse to care for you following your procedure at an additional cost.

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Alexis Parcells, MD is a top plastic and reconstructive surgeon licensed in the state of New Jersey. She is board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is considered an expert in aesthetics. To learn more about out-of-town labiaplasty in New Jersey, call Parcells Plastic Surgery at (732) 945-6555 or use the online booking form.

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